September 26, 2023 is a type of hypnotic tea made from the bark of a tree. It is incredibly effective at suppressing the Wit Skill. It is also one of the reasons why Chade is prone to Skill headaches. It’s a fascinating twist and it’s something I wish more plot-lines would pay off.


Elfbark is a hypnotic tea made with the bark of a tree. It is used to suppress Skill and dull hunger. It can also be used to dull headaches after Skilling.

Fitz uses it to make a strong black tea that helps him dull Skill-hunger and help with his Skill headaches. He doses it rarely but when he does use it his Skill-hunger is lessened and he has better control of it.

In Chalced it is used to drug the slaves, increasing their stamina but dulling their mind, so they won’t try to escape. It is addictive, though, and can permanently alter a person’s temperament.

It is also believed to extinguish the ability to Skill in young people and cripple its growth for older Skill-users. In addition, elfbark is said to amplify feelings of anxiety and may increase the likelihood of addiction later in life. It can also be smoked, which can disrupt the brain circuits that control attention and learning.

Hypnotic tea

Hypnotic tea is a new and exciting addition to the Elfbark family. This concoction is comprised of a mix of rosebuds, tilia europaea and rosemary with a splash of stevia rebaudiana.

Using a proprietary hypnosis formula, the tea is designed to reframe your mind and help you replace old limiting beliefs with empowering, productive ones. Among other things, this process also reinforces new positive emotions, behaviors and skills that will serve you well in your search for love.

The tea’s main feature is its alleged ability to induce a state of trance, which is quite a feat for something that tastes like water! In fact, one of the largest randomised controlled trials in history found that participants who drank a tea supplement containing chamomile exhibited a hypnotic effect that was impressively long lasting and not as unpleasant as it might seem. The tea also boasts a number of other healthful properties, including antioxidant and antibacterial properties.